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Police Investigations

Getting the right advice when you are under investigation can often determine whether or not you will be charged and, if you are, convicted of the offence.  

Our criminal lawyers have extensive experience in assisting clients who are suspected by the police or law enforcement agencies of having engaged in criminal conduct.  

How we can help

We draw upon our experience and expertise to help our clients with such investigations so as to minimise the risk of their being charged and convicted.  Contacting our solicitors as soon as you become aware of a police investigation will increase the prospects of resolving the matter quickly and discreetly. 

Key services

  • Advising on the investigative process, the rights of the suspects and police powers 
  • Advising and the likelihood that criminal charges will be laid
  • Negotiating with police in order to persuade them to not commence criminal proceedings
  • Negotiating with police in order to persuade them to issue of Future Court Attendance Notices instead of arresting clients 
  • Arranging appointments for clients to attend police stations for the purpose of being arrested
  • Advising clients whether or not to participate in an interview with police
  • Advising clients in real time whilst they are under arrest
  • Advising clients in relation to search warrants
  • Assisting clients to obtain the return of property seized by police