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In some cases, it is necessary for witnesses to receive legal advice and representation in order to protect their interests.  In many other cases, witnesses seek legal assistance simply for their own peace of mind. 

Our lawyers have extensive experience in providing independent legal advice and representation to witnesses (including, victims) in criminal and other proceedings. 

How we can help

Our experience and expertise make us well placed to provide legal services to witnesses. 

Key Services

  • Providing support and advice to witnesses during police investigations in relation to their rights and obligations
  • Assisting witnesses to prepare statements and affidavits
  • Advising witnesses who have been served with a subpoena to attend court or a subpoena to produce documents
  • Making applications on behalf of witnesses for certificates against self-incrimination under section 128 of the Evidence Act 1995
  • Assisting witnesses in relation to applications for closed court
  • Liaising with law enforcement agencies and the prosecution