In The News » Charges withdrawn and downgraded for “Uber eats” drug dealer

Charges withdrawn and downgraded for “Uber eats” drug dealer

In October 2020, our client was charged with 47 offences related to his involvement in an “Uber Eats” style cocaine delivery network.  His charges included:

  • Supply commercial quantity of prohibited drug;
  • Supply prohibited drugs on an ongoing basis (multiple counts);
  • Supply indictable quantity of prohibited drugs (multiple counts);
  • Organise drug premises;
  • Knowingly deal with proceeds of crime (multiple counts);
  • Possess more than three unregistered firearms;
  • Possess prohibited firearm (multiple counts);
  • Possess prohibited weapon (multiple counts); and
  • Various driving offences.

Hanna Legal engaged in extensive negotiations with the prosecution, which resulted in our client just pleading guilty to 1 count of supply prohibited drugs on an ongoing basis and 1 count of knowingly deal with proceeds of crime, with 4 offences being taken into account on a Form 1.

The downgrading of the charges, together with preparation of comprehensive subjective material by our criminal lawyers, enabled our client to receive significant leniency at his sentence proceedings at the Sydney District Court in June 2022.  Our client was sentenced to a non-parole period of 1 year and 9 months, meaning he was released approximately 3 weeks later. 

For more information, see ‘Buying cocaine ‘as popular as buying food or alcohol’, judge says’, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 June 2022.