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Criminal Asset Forfeiture and Recovery

Hanna Legal has extensive experience with proceeds of crime and criminal asset recovery proceedings, having appeared in countless such cases over the last 12+ years. 

Our lawyers represent defendants and other interested parties in relation to various types of proceeds of crime proceedings, including:

  • Applications by the Australian Federal Police for freezing orders and forfeiture orders under the Proceeds of Crimes Act 2002 (Cth)
  • Applications by the NSW Police Commissioner of Director of Public Prosecutions for restraining orders, forfeiture orders and drug proceeds orders under the Confiscation of Proceeds of Crime Act 1989 (NSW)
  • Applications by the NSW Crime Commission for restraining orders, proceeds assessment orders and unexplained wealth orders under the Criminal Assets Recovery Act 1990 (NSW) 

How we can help

Our experience and expertise enable us to achieve excellent results for clients facing proceeds of crime proceedings. 

Our solicitors can assist you through the entire process, from the time that you are served with the initial application until the final settlement or hearing of your case. 

Key Services

  • Advising on the evidence, relevant law and effect of freezing, forfeiture and other orders
  • Assisting clients to draft statements of facts and circumstances
  • Assisting clients prepare evidence
  • Engaging third party experts, including, forensic accountants and cryptocurrency experts
  • Applying for the variation of orders to allow restrained money or assets to be released
  • Briefing barristers with expertise in proceeds of crime matters
  • Appearing at settlement conferences
  • Negotiating favourable property settlements for clients 
  • Appearing in the Supreme Court of New South Wales