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Non-Publication Orders and Media Relations

Non-publication orders are orders made by a Court which prohibit or restrict the publication, usually in the media, of certain information, such as person’s name or the fact that a person is charged with certain offences.  

Suppression orders go further than non-publication orders in that they prohibit or restrict any disclosure at all of the relevant information. 

Hanna Legal has extensive experience with applications for non-publication orders and suppression orders, having appeared in some of the leading cases in this area of law. 

Our lawyers represent defendants, witnesses and other interested parties in relation to such applications in the Local, District and Supreme Court of New South Wales. 

In more high-profile matters, Hanna Legal also has significant experience in engaging third party media agencies to develop public relations strategies.

How we can help

Our experience and expertise enable us to provide meaningful assistance to clients who wish to apply for non-publication or suppression orders. 

Key Services

  • Advising on the relevant law, including the Courts Suppression and Non-Publication Orders Act 2010 and common law
  • Drafting notices of motion seeking non-publication or suppression orders
  • Drafting affidavits and other evidence in support the applications
  • Appearing at applications for interim orders or final orders
  • Appearing at applications to vary or review orders previously made
  • Appearing at appeals against decisions to make orders in lower courts
  • Drafting and issuing press releases
  • Engaging third party public relations agencies