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Hanna Legal has vast experience and an impressive track record in appeal matters, having appeared in some of the most high-profile appeals heard in Australia over the last 12+ years.  

Our solicitors represent clients in all forms of appellate and review matters, including:

  • Appeals from the Local Court to the District Court against conviction and sentence
  • Appeals from the Local Court to the Supreme Court in criminal law matters
  • Appeals from the District and Supreme Court to the Court of Criminal Appeal against conviction and sentence
  • Special leave applications and appeals to the High Court of Australia
  • Annulment applications in the Local Court 

How we can help

Our experience and expertise enable us to achieve excellent results for clients wishing to appeal against or have reviewed a decision made in a lower court or tribunal. 

Our criminal lawyers can assist you through the entire appeal process and improve your prospects of success. 

Key services

  • Advising on the process, relevant law, including, the Crimes (Appeal and Review) Act 2001 and the Criminal Appeal Act 1912
  • Advising on the prospects of success of the potential appeal
  • Obtaining the transcripts, exhibits and judgments 
  • Briefing barristers with expertise in appellate work
  • Appearing at hearings of appeals 
  • Preparing appeal books for the Court
  • Obtaining proposed fresh evidence to be relied on at the appeal