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Costs in Criminal Proceedings

Hanna Legal has extensive experience in applying for costs on behalf of defendants in criminal proceedings, having made successful costs applications in some of Australia’s most high-profile matters over the past 12+ years.

Our criminal lawyers have successfully applied for costs in various contexts including:

  • At the conclusion of a case, after our client has been found not guilty
  • When our client’s matter has been adjourned due to unreasonable conduct by the police
  • When our client’s hearing or trial has been vacated due to unreasonable conduct by the prosecution

How we can help 

Our expertise and experience enable us to maximise your prospects of success when applying for costs in criminal matters. 

Key services

  • Advising on the relevant law, including the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 and the Costs in Criminal Cases Act 1967
  • Drafting submissions in support of applications for costs
  • Preparing evidence in support of application for costs
  • Negotiating with the police and Director of Public Prosecutions in order to persuade the prosecution to agree to pay our client’s costs
  • Appearing at the hearing of costs applications