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No criminal record for 3 charges of assault

In October 2023 our client was returning home with her flatmate after drinking together with some friends. Whilst in the Uber, an argument erupted between the two. Once outside the Uber, our client slapped the victim and began a physical assault upon him. As the victim began to flee towards the elevator, our client followed and began assaulting him in the elevator by punching and kicking him. Eventually, our client bit the victim, leaving bruising and swelling on his chest.

The police were called and no charges were immediately laid against our client. However, after the police obtained and reviewed the security camera footage, in March 2023 our client was charged with 2 counts of common assault and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, which are offences in the Crimes Act 1900.

In March 2023, our client appeared in the Local Court and was sentenced to a Community Corrections Order. This meant that a criminal conviction was recorded against her name and she was required to be supervised in the community by a government agency. After obtaining our advice, she appealed against this decision to the NSW District Court on the basis that the sentence was too severe.

In May 2023 Hanna Legal appeared in the NSW District Court on behalf of our client for the appeal. Our criminal lawyers explained the circumstances leading up to the offending, the efforts our client has made to regain her mental health since the incident and the impact of a criminal conviction on our client. The Court agreed with our submissions and the appeal was upheld.

Our client was resentenced to a Conditional Release Order for all three offences, requiring her to be of good behaviour without recording a criminal conviction.