Our Cases » Woman with prohibited pistol avoids prison

Woman with prohibited pistol avoids prison

In October 2021, our client was found with a prohibited pistol in her bag after she was searched by the police following her participation in a fight with another woman on a public street.  She was charged with possession of a prohibited pistol, contrary to section 7(1) of the Firearms Act 1996. 

Hanna Legal engaged in negotiations with the prosecution in relation to the facts sheet, which resulted in the Court finding that the objective seriousness of her offending was significantly lower than that initially alleged by the police. 

In addition, our criminal lawyers assisted in the preparation of extensive subjective material and lengthy written submissions for her sentence proceedings. 

After a challenging sentence hearing, the Magistrate ultimately agreed to allow our client to remain in the community pursuant to an Intensive Corrections Order rather than to serve her sentence in prison.