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Negotiating with the Prosecution

Hanna Legal has extensive experience in negotiating with the police and Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) on behalf of clients facing criminal proceedings.  

Our criminal lawyers have an impressive record of negotiations with the prosecution, having successfully negotiated the withdrawal of charges and favourable “plea deals” in some of Australia’s most high-profile criminal cases over the last 12+ years. 

How we can help 

Our expertise and experience enable us to achieve excellent results when negotiating with the prosecution.  

Key services

  • Negotiating with the police to secure your release on bail while you are initially arrested
  • Negotiating with the police prosecutors to persuade them to not oppose your release on bail at court
  • Negotiating with the police for the withdrawal of charges
  • Drafting written representations to the ODPP seeking the withdrawal of charges (also referred to as “no bill” applications) or the restructuring of charges in your favour
  • Negotiating for the statement of facts on sentence to be amended so that you obtain a better result on sentence
  • Representing you at Case Conferences with the ODPP for matters being dealt with under the Early Appropriate Guilty Plea scheme
  • Negotiating in the lead up to your hearing or trial so that the prosecution does not adduce certain evidence against you
  • Negotiating after you have been found not guilty to persuade the prosecution to agree to pay your legal costs
  • Advising on the proposed approach to negotiations and relevant considerations, including the ODPP’s Prosecution Guidelines and the Prosecution Policy of the Commonwealth