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Defended Hearings and Trials

Hanna Legal has extensive experience at representing clients facing summary hearings in the Local Court or trials in the District Court and Supreme Court. 

In most of the defended hearings and trials in which we have appeared, our clients have been found not guilty.  In some of these cases, our criminal lawyers have gone on to successfully apply for an order that the prosecution pay our clients’ legal costs.

How we can help 

As our track record demonstrates, our solicitors have the expertise and experience to maximise your prospects of being found not guilty at hearing or trial. 

Key services

  • Advising on the process, evidence, relevant law and likelihood of being acquitted
  • Analysing the prosecution evidence to identify weaknesses and lines of enquiry 
  • Developing effective defence case strategies
  • Issuing subpoenas for the production of documents that will assist your defence
  • Assisting in the preparation of your proof of evidence
  • Conferencing potentially relevant witnesses and assisting in the preparation of their statements
  • Obtaining other lay and expert evidence
  • Preparing a response to the Notice of Prosecution Case
  • Briefing counsel with expertise in defended hearings and trials, where requested
  • Preparing applications to exclude evidence or other pre-trial legal arguments 
  • Appearing at summary hearings and District and Supreme Court trials, whether by jury or judge alone
  • Applying for costs in the event of an acquittal